Melania Trump She is reportedly feeling worried about her son. BaronThe transition to college life. According to an insider, the former first lady is experiencing significant nerves.

Melania Trump will spend more time in NYC when Barron starts college, source reveals (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell) (AP)

A source told Mirror US, “[Melania] Already planning to spend part of every month and possibly every week in NYC.

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Barron, who has “never been completely alone before”, is the focus of Melanie’s concern. He kept Baron “off limits” for a good part of his life.

Now Baron is no longer “off limits” and Melanie is worried about being a “hands-on” mom.

Her dedication to her son was shown when she delayed moving to the White House in 2017 to ensure she could be near him while he was in school.

Daily mail There are reports that Melania may split her time between New York and Trump’s Palm Beach residence in Florida. However, Barron’s choice of college is unknown, as the former first son leaned on different colleges than previously speculated.

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Melania has avoided the public eye since the start of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Melania has largely avoided the “public eye” during her husband’s tenure. Donald TrumpThe current presidential campaign. She even missed the 2024 election kickoff in Iowa and Trump’s Super Tuesday victory celebration.

However, she attended fundraisers in April and attended her son’s high school graduation. Notably, however, Melania was absent during the month-long hush money trial in New York, where Trump faced serious legal challenges.

When asked if there had been a discussion with Melania about accompanying Trump in court, her lawyer, Todd Blanch, said on the ‘For the Defense’ podcast: “It wasn’t a discussion that I It was a difficult case because of the nature of the allegations, the evidence that came out, the history, how long it had been.

“I think it’s very difficult for her,” Trump said while discussing his wife’s situation with Fox News, adding, “I mean, she’s fine. But, you know, He will have to read all this nonsense.”

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Following Trump’s conviction on 34 felony charges, Melania did not respond publicly on her social media accounts. Trump’s elder sons also condemned the decision.

Ivanka Trump shared an adorable Instagram post featuring a photo of herself as a little girl with her father, along with the caption, “I love you dad.”

Trump’s younger daughter, Tiffany Trump, accompanied her father in court last month for closing arguments in the trial.

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