Fight Night (FNIO) is a new cryptocurrency that is getting a lot of people excited. It combines the excitement of famous boxing matches, featuring Jack Paul and Mike Tyson. Here’s why FNIO is becoming popular.

A unique story introduces a fresh storyline featuring boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Tyson, a pixel game enthusiast, is struck by lightning and transported into a pixelated world.

There, he meets Ali, who equips him with a magic glove to fight against the evil Jack and his gang. This combination of retro gaming and iconic heroes is enthralling a wide audience.

Celebrities endorse FNIO.

One of the main reasons for FNIO’s popularity is its association with real-life celebrities. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, along with the influential Jack Paul, actively promote FNIO.

Their inclusion lends credibility and attracts both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream audiences. This level of validation helps FNIO stand out in a crowded market.

Engaging Web 3 Gaming

A retro boxing adventure

The main feature of FNIO is the retro-style boxing game. In the game, players play as Mike Tyson. They will explore a pixelated world and fight in boxing matches. Everything you do in the game is recorded on the blockchain. As you play and improve, you earn FNIO tokens.

Stacking mechanism

FNIO’s stacking mechanism enhances the gaming experience. By investing their $FNIO tokens, players can enhance their in-game abilities and earn additional rewards. This system encourages participation and supports ecosystem development. This keeps players engaged and invested, increasing the value of the coin.

Diverse entertainment options

Web3 Casino Platform

FNIO is also building an online casino that uses Web3. The casino will feature games based on popular boxers, such as slot machines, poker and roulette. Each game will have special animations and features that make them unique. When you play these games, you can win FNIO tokens, rare NFTs, and other prizes.

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Engaging webtoon series

The FNIO webtoon series, available on, follows Tyson’s journey from a casual gamer to a legendary fighter, battling evil forces with Muhammad Ali’s magic gloves. The serialized storytelling format keeps readers engaged, expands FNIO’s audience and adds depth to the project.

AI-powered assistants

FNIO has a cool new feature that lets you talk to AI versions of celebrities. You can chat with virtual Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and other famous people. You can ask them for advice, ask them questions, or even practice virtual boxing with your favorite stars. This makes using FNIO much more fun and interesting.

Solid Toconomics

Token distribution

FNIO has a total supply of 200 billion tokens, which are allocated as follows:

  • Private sale: 2% (4 billion tokens)
  • Presale: 24% (48 billion tokens)
  • Staking: 24% (48 billion tokens)
  • Marketing: 10% (20 billion tokens)
  • Listing and Liquidity: 10% (20 billion tokens)
  • Growth: 12% (24 billion tokens)
  • Project Fund: 15% (30 billion tokens)
  • Donation: 3% (6 billion tokens)

ICO Details

Key points about FNIO’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO):

  • Date: 1st June 2024 to 30th July 2024.
  • FNIO Token – $0.0009.
  • You can buy FNIO tokens using cryptocurrencies such as USDT, ETH, and BNB.
  • The soft cap (minimum target) for the ICO is 48 billion tokens.
  • The hard cap (maximum limit) for the ICO is 96 billion tokens.

Strategic Roadmap

After launching the official website and smart contracts, FNIO will launch a massive advertising campaign on various crypto media outlets.

FNIO plans to launch its own Web3 game, AI platform, and webtoon series. Securing listings on top-tier exchanges will increase liquidity and market credibility, encouraging further adoption and investment.

The final phase aims to reach 1 million active users and achieve significant milestones in community engagement. Offline business integration and ongoing innovation will ensure FNIO’s long-term success, fostering a loyal customer base.

Why Investors Are Excited

Celebrity Trust

The involvement of globally recognized celebrities ensures credibility. This support attracts a diverse audience, increasing demand and increasing the value of the coin.

Integrated ecosystem

FNIO’s combination of Web3 gaming, a casino platform, a webtoon series, and AI-powered assistants creates a rich and engaging ecosystem. This approach keeps customers invested and increases the project’s appeal.

Achieving rewards

Innovative staking methodology and active community participation contribute to ecosystem stability and development. This fosters a loyal user base and increases the utility and value of the token.

Clear the way forward.

FNIO’s detailed roadmap lays out a clear path for growth and innovation. From gaining celebrity endorsements to launching innovative technological features, every step is designed to drive adoption and drive value.

Result (FNIO) combines the power of celebrity, innovative technology, and engaging entertainment to create a unique meme coin experience. With its pre-sale now live, FNIO offers investors and gamers a golden opportunity to be a part of this exciting project.

Backed by boxing legends and packed with innovative features, FNIO is poised to trend as the next big meme coin. Keep an eye on FNIO; It’s grabbing the spotlight for all the right reasons.

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