US President Joe Biden On Tuesday, he reiterated America’s commitment to defense. Ukraine against Russiaattack in NATO summit In Washington
“(Vladimir) Putin wants nothing less than the total subjugation of Ukraine, and wants to wipe Ukraine off the map,” Biden said.
He sought to reassure allies and the public amid lingering doubts about his fitness for office after a stalling debate performance last month. Using a global platform, Biden demonstrated to allies domestically and internationally that he is capable of leading.
At the summit, held in a historic setting where NATO was founded, Biden delivered a carefully worded speech emphasizing the alliance’s strength and resilience. “NATO today is stronger than ever in its history,” he announced, framed by the golden walls of Federal Hall.
The White House intended to use the high-profile policy speech to reset the Biden presidency after a rocky period, though some diplomats remained skeptical of its impact. Despite internal pressure, Biden has rejected calls to step aside and is focused on defeating Republican Donald Trump in the upcoming election.
Central to the summit was a commitment to provide additional military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Biden, along with the leaders of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania, announced the provision of strategic air defenses. System to increase Ukraine’s defense capabilities.
Meanwhile, concerns over Biden’s political stability remain among NATO leaders, who face uncertainty over future US leadership. As talks about Ukraine’s NATO membership and Russian aggression dominated the summit, Biden’s ability to rally allies remained a focal point.
To assuage those concerns, Biden is scheduled to hold a rare solo press conference on Thursday, ready to address skepticism and reinforce his administration’s foreign policy priorities. However, amid political turmoil and geopolitical tensions in Europe, the way forward for NATO and its stance against Russian aggression remains uncertain.

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