• The blind sideThe restoration is the best reminder to watch. Remember the Titansa high-profile sports drama starring Denzel Washington.
  • Remember the Titans The team focuses on unity and deals with the merger in 1971, although it is only based on real-life events.
  • In contrast to The blind side, Remember the Titans Avoids sustaining a pernicious white savior narrative.

The blind sideAn incredibly divisive 2009 biopic is trending on Netflix — but the film’s sudden resurgence is actually the perfect reminder to watch a top sports drama starring Denzel Washington. Written and directed by John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr. Banks) The controversial film adapts the 2006 book of the same name. To tell gave blind sideThe true story of Michael Oher, an offensive lineman who grew up in the foster care system. Despite a difficult home life with his biological mother, who is dealing with a substance abuse disorder, Michael leaves his new surroundings to return home.

Although Michael (Quinton Aarons) has an uneven academic track record, the 17-year-old enrolls at Wingate Christian School so he can play for the football team. When Sean Tuohy Jr. (Jay Head) befriends Michael, the latter is introduced to the strong-willed LeAnn Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and her husband (Tim McGraw). After Michael spends Thanksgiving with the Tuohy family, Lee Ann tries to be his legal guardian, apparently supporting Michael. As he becomes an asset on the field. even then The blind sideThe controversy over the true story of And harmful tropes mean there are better sports dramas to watch.

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin, Remember the Titans Often cited as one of the Best inspirational sports movies. ever made. The 2000 film starred Denzel Washington as real-life coach Herman Boone, who During the 1971 season, TC tries to integrate the Williams High School football team.. Boone is supported by assistant coach Bill Yost (Will Patton) – the team’s former head coach. The film deals with the end of racial segregation in public schools, which was not without backlash from white players and community members who wanted Yoast to lead the Titans.

[In Remember the Titans]Boone and Yost try to cement the team’s bond…

As the black and white players clash, Boone and Yost try to strengthen the team’s bond. At summer training camp, the team goes through the ringer with Boone’s rigorous training, but the head coach also inspires the group, especially when, in a famous scene, Denzel Washington delivers. Remember the Titans‘Motivational speech. In contrast to The blind sidea biopic that focuses primarily on Michael and LeAnn, Remember the Titans‘ Cast of characters All share the spotlight, repeating the film’s themes. While viewers find both the football movies inspiring, Remember the Titans‘ The legacy is much more obvious.


Remember a Titans scene continuity breakdown drives fans wild.

There’s still a continuity error in a big Remember The Titans scene that’s driving fans of the movie absolutely wild for what an easy mistake it was.

How to remember the true story of Titans from the blind side

Remember Titans is “loosely” based on real life events.

While The blind side Taking great pains to promote itself as an accurate biopic, Remember the Titans It is only based on a true story. of Coach Herman Boone. Remember the Titans Based on real life events.with the team’s incredible winning streak and even crash Paralyzed Remember the Titans‘Jerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) All are true to life. However, at its core, Remember the Titans It wants to show that football and compassion can transform narrow-minded people. To make this story more appealing, the sports drama took some major liberties, especially on the field.

Those down-to-the-wire moments and motivational speeches all added up. [Remember the Titans] For dramatic effect.

For starters, The Titans’ nail-biter games and motivational speeches were added to the film for dramatic effect.. After outscoring their opponents 265-31, the Titans were named the second-best high school team in the nation (by Northern Virginia Magazine). on the other hand, The blind sideCast of characters Do not resemble real-life accounts. Oher, who ended Toohey’s pernicious orthodoxy. Years later, he wrote in his memoirs,I felt so [the movie] I was presented as dumb rather than a child who had never had consistent academic instruction and thrived.”


Remember the true story of Titans: What the movie changes and changes.

Disney’s Remember the Titans was based on a true story, but how much of it happened in real life? Here’s what has changed in the film.

Remember the racial themes of Titans avoid a major complaint about The Blind Side

The Blind Side centers on a pernicious white savior narrative

Not only does The blind side perpetuate racist stereotypes by undermining Michael Oher’s intelligence, football knowledge and agency, but It’s also an obvious entry in Hollywood’s “white savior” trope canon.. The adoption of a young black man by a white family is framed as a charitable act, as if the Touhy family’s “mercy” is connected to Ohr’s success at Ole Miss and in the NFL. In addition to reducing Michael’s persistence and hard work, The blind side This seems to give LeAnn ownership of Ohr’s story. I White delicacyWriter Robin DeAngelo dubbed the film, “Basically and insidiously anti-black.

Remember the Titans Not perfect, thanks in part to its genre tropes.

Remember the Titans Avoids these major criticisms. in regards to The blind sideA white savior narrative is assumed to have affective value by not including it at all. instead, Remember the Titans There is more clarity about how race and bias play into the opportunities team players receive. Of course, Remember the Titans Not perfect, thanks in part to its genre tropes. As an inspiring, mainstream and feel-good sports drama, Remember the Titans Leaning a little too much toward the idea that whole communities can overcome racism if their high school football team wins championship games.

By July 2024, Remember the Titans Streaming on Disney+.

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The blind side

The Blind Side is a sports drama based on the book of the same name by Michael Lewis. The Blind Side tells the true story of Michael Oher, a popular offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens who escapes a life of hardship and poverty with the help of LeAnn Tuohy. The film stars Quentin Aaron as Michael Oher and Sandra Bullock as LeAnn Tuohy.

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