A video of a Pakistani influencer of present-day Hiramandi in Lahore has gone viral on social media. The clip shows that the place, which recently made headlines for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s OTT debut of the same name, is now a “dining hub for local cuisine and history buffs”.

The picture shows a puppet show being performed in present-day Hiramundi in Lahore. This is taken from a Pakistani inspirational video. (Instagram/@the.orange.wall)

Posted on video. Instagram Page Orangewall. For those who can’t visit in person, here’s a virtual tour of present-day Hiramundi, Lahore. Now known as the Old City and the Inner City, it still retains the splendor of the bygone days. Broken, crumbling in places, but still full of life. Now it’s a food hub for local cuisine and history buffs alike,” reads the caption accompanying the video.

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gave The video that became famous Opens to reveal a beautiful performance by a singer. It then takes people on a virtual tour through Hiramandi, which includes a puppet show, horse-drawn carriage rides and delicious food.

Watch a video of present-day Hiramandi:

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The video was shared earlier this month, and since then, it has amassed nearly 4.1 lakh views. This video has collected more than 4,7000 likes. People reacted to the share by posting various comments.

What did Instagram users say about this video?

“What is this area called now?” asked an Instagram user. The influencer replied, “Food Street, Old Lahore, Inner City.” The Instagram user then questioned whether it still has a mansion. Liked the show? The influencer wrote, “Ah yes, countless mansions are still preserved. Some have been converted into public offices, universities and heritage sites. We will cover them all soon!”

Another added, “That puppet show was probably my favorite, gotta save the arts!”

However, not everyone was happy with the video. Just like the person who wrote, “Why are people advertising this place?”.

The courtiers at Hiramundi were at the height of their power during the Mughal period (mid-1500s-1800s). During the British rule, it was sent to the red light zone. The place was closed down after a police crackdown in 2009, which ended the brothels at the site.

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