Boston, July 11, 2024–(Business wireParcel LabThe largest global provider of post-purchase experience software today announced the launch of “Trading Let AI,” a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Trending Late AI gives e-commerce retailers the ability to identify shipments at risk of delivery delays, empowering them to take action and improve the customer experience.

“In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, on-time delivery is critical to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty,” said Tobias Buxheide, CEO of ParcelLab. “Late Trending leverages the power of AI to predict potential delays before they happen, allowing retailers to proactively communicate with their customers and manage expectations. “

Trending Late AI builds on ParcelLab’s existing suite of AI-powered solutions designed to improve the post-purchase experience. By analyzing vast amounts of historical data, including shipment information, carrier performance, and weather patterns, Trending Late AI identifies trends and patterns that signal potential delays. With this insight, retailers can:

  • Reduce customer service inquiries by: Inform customers of potential delays to significantly reduce the number of late delivery inquiries.

  • Improve call handling times: Show delay indicators on the order status page and on customer service dashboards so agents can respond to questions more effectively.

  • Increase customer loyalty and touchpoints: Improve trust and increase loyalty while also providing a valuable touch point for engagement.

Trending Late AI is an innovative feature that works seamlessly within ParcelLab’s product environment. It elevates the efficiency and responsiveness of the post-purchase process and adapts to the dynamic landscape of consumer expectations.

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