gave #RIPCotoonNetwork X started trending on Monday, but there is no evidence that the television channel is shutting down.

The hashtag is part of a campaign started by Animation Workers Ignite, a community-run account. Advocate for workers in the animation industry. This Called the fans To post about his favorite Cartoon Network shows “to spread the word about what’s at stake.” Representatives for the group have not yet responded to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.

In the X post that launched the #RIPCartoonNetwork campaign, Animation Workers Ignited shared a Animated video which claims Cartoon Network is “basically dead” and that other animation studios “aren’t far behind.”

“When COVID first hit, animation was able to work completely remotely, one of the only forms of entertainment that could continue production without interruption,” the video states. ” “But the studios decided to pay them back by canceling projects, outsourcing jobs and laying off artists en masse.”

The video states that mass unemployment in the industry is the result of “greed”.

“Major studios improve their finances by cutting costs and cutting staff,” the video continues. “There’s an animation attack, which side are you on?”

Marge Dean, president of the non-profit organization Women in Animation; wrote In a letter to members in 2023, the animation industry “had seen drastic declines in projects from all major streamers long before the writers and actors went on strike.” He said the “production explosion” in the streaming era has been so disproportionately large, “there was no way it wasn’t going to crash.” The resulting cuts are “course corrections.”

Some X-users shared posts as if the channel was closing, but animation workers Ignite explained Post That both the network and the brand are still around. Cartoon Network Studios technically no longer exists — it was. strong In 2022, Warner Bros. In Animation.

“There is no truth to speculation that the network or the studio is shutting down,” a Cartoon Network spokesperson told Yahoo Entertainment.

“With several recently announced greenlights, we are committed to continuing to invest in innovative content that entertains and inspires our audiences around the world,” the spokesperson said.

Oh Viral photo The Cartoon Network studio logo being removed from an office building in Burbank, Calif., has been shared repeatedly on social media, but the photo Taken in 2023. After the transfer of the studio.

Fans used the #RIPCotoonNetwork hashtag to pay tribute to past series that aired on the channel, referring to shows such as Ed, Ed n Ed And Ben 10

While Cartoon Network may not be dead, the spirit of the animation studio that employed so many eager workers is no longer as hopeful as it once was. Animation workers are ignited. Reposted Several Definitions From consumers who say the lack of work in the industry has affected their livelihoods.

“Countless people across the industry have already lost or are at risk of losing their insurance, homes and livelihoods during this record unemployment and people are debating the use of the word ‘dead’,” says an X user. ” wrote In a post also shared by Animation Workers Ignite.

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