Russian experts have reported. conducted a comprehensive analysis of the complex structure of the American Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missile – a discovery that could have important consequences for the current conflict in Ukraine.

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Russian media outlet Rya Novosti, citing an unnamed weapons expert, claimed that the structure of the ATACMS missile had been fully analyzed and “no secrets remain” regarding its functionality.

The United States began supplying Ukraine with medium-range ATACMS missiles last fall. The long-range version, capable of hitting targets up to 300 kilometers away, was sent to Ukraine in April.

Since their deployment, ATACMS missiles have been highly effective, targeting and destroying key Russian assets, including logistics hubs and advanced defense systems such as the S-400.

A few days ago, Moscow began an in-depth study of the weapon, aimed at uncovering its key capabilities and potential countermeasures.

On July 2, Russian state media indicated that experts had fully examined the missile’s complex and multi-component fuse. The outlet also published a video for the first time showing the internal structure of the ATACMS rocket.

“The warhead was designed for an anti-ship missile and was later installed on the ATACMS. We neutralized the fuse. It has an intermediate detonator,” explained the expert.

He explained that the fuse case, once opened, reveals a sophisticated mechanism capable of different settings based on mission requirements.

The expert added that the fuse is set to the firing position, which is marked by the letter ‘A’ visible in a special window. It uses a long-distance cocking mechanism with a moving pendulum that activates itself after a certain period of time.

“In addition, in the interior, there is a rotary engine, which closes the internal circuit of the fuse. The system is duplicated. Four detonator primers are installed. The main way of starting the mechanism is on magnetic elements,” the expert said. explained.

The purpose of this complex design is to ensure safe use of the missile. The fuse has been thoroughly studied by Russian experts and according to a weapons expert there are no secrets left for us.

ATACMS missile fuze in the hands of a Russian expert.

In addition to the fuse, Russian experts have reportedly gained access, for the first time, to the ATACMS flight guidance and correction system.

The warheads have a guidance system with three laser ring gyroscopes, which maintain the missile on a precise ballistic track. The system is equipped with a GPS antenna that adjusts the missile’s speed at the start and end of its journey.

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Will it help counter ATACMS?

This detailed understanding of the ATACMS missile could potentially change the dynamics of the battlefield, giving Russia the information it needs to counter one of Ukraine’s most effective long-range weapons. can

Russian experts believe that studying the missile allows them to identify its key capabilities. For example, analyzing a missile’s maneuverability will help determine which anti-aircraft missiles it can avoid and which it cannot.

The study could provide insight into missile accuracy and how it might be affected by electronic interference. By understanding these aspects, Moscow can predict how to alter the missile’s performance, potentially causing errors that prevent it from reaching its intended target. The aim was to identify these essential details so that their effect on the missile’s velocity could be estimated.

“First of all, [Russian] Designers will analyze the entire data and figure out how the missile flies…how it is guided to the target, whether it is guided by GPS, satellites, or heavy drones…they will determine its weaknesses and Find out the strengths.

After analyzing the situation, Russian experts will make recommendations to the military on how to enhance the interception strategy using anti-aircraft missile systems or improve electronic warfare capabilities to destroy the missile. In particular, they can advise on ways to disrupt a missile’s communications or disable its GPS.

An ATACMS is being launched by an M270 (Wikipedia).

Litovkin also suggested that the analysis would enable the Russian military to more quickly locate launch sites and missile locations. He stressed that the West must recognize the superiority of Russian weapons and countermeasures over Western military technology.

“The West must realize that all its efforts have been in vain, that Russian weapons and Russian countermeasures are far more effective than its tanks, missiles and guns. This is a signal not only to the West but to the whole world that Western weapons are no match for Russian weapons,” the retired Russian colonel concluded.

The coming weeks may reveal how this new information will affect the ongoing conflict.

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