Snack Attack: What’s New and Trending?


With your Southeast Regional Ag News, I’m Haylie Shipp. This is the Ag Information Network.

I call today’s program “Snack Attack!” saying After pointing out on the show yesterday the sheer dedication we see to breakfast with 88% of people reporting that they eat breakfast daily, according to food company Mondelez International, I wanted to look at What’s new and trending in the snack world.

As we established yesterday, many are choosing foods that are low in calories, preservatives and sugar. High-protein, nutrient-dense snacks are also on the rise. With that in mind, here were the picks for the five trending snacks from the 2024 Food & Snacks Expo as assembled by

1. Sustainable fish jerky

2. Move over cheese, butter, and sea salt… How about food-inspired flavors for popcorn? Now we’re seeing options like Chili Crunch, Pad Thai, and Mexican Street Corn.

3. Caffeinated gum

4. Brain Smack, a sour candy meant to have a sour smack throughout the experience.

5. Pickles, including a brand extension from pickle cotton candy to a full line of sauces, pastes and condiments.

Are you ready to try? Find more details about each item at

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