Trouble with Maggie Colestarring in the ITV drama Happy ValleyOf Julie HesmondhalghA new lease of life has been found after. Being added To Netflix.

The 2020 series followed the titular character (Don French), is described as a busybody in the village of Thorlebury while she competes with some of the other villagers for her characteristics.

After concluding with its sixth and final episode in April 2020, the series recently added Streaming service And has proved to be a hit with the audience so far. Comedy drama Currently at #10 on Netflix’s trending charts.

Trouble with Julie Hesmondhalgh, Don French, Maggie Cole


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In addition to Don and Julie, the show also stars Mark Heap, Vicki Pepperdine, Patrick Robinson, Phil Dunster and Gwyneth Keyworth. The series was written by Mark Brotherhood, with filming taking place in Devon and Cornwall.

“Self-important Maggie spills the beans, drunkenly, on the local radio with secrets about six village characters, and thus suffers guilt for her pointless gossip. But she seems to have A seam of truth about at least two or three has been struck, and so the stage is set for a confrontation and reckoning,” reads the synopsis.

Jolie, who played Jill Whedon in the series, is best known for her long-running role as Hayley Cropper. Coronation Street, which he left in 2014. Since then, the actor has played roles in Wide Church And Happy Valley Series two.

Trouble with Julie Hesmondhalgh, Dawn French, Maggie Cole


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BBC drama concluded last year With its third series, though the creator Sally Wainwright A new series will be unveiled soon. Riotous women – Known as the first Hot flush – will premiere later this year.

The drama will follow five members of a punk band as they go through menopause. Sally is teasing.: “They’re angry and they’re singing about being angry and being a certain age and all the things that go with being a certain age.”

Trouble with Maggie Cole Streaming on Netflix.

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