A gunman tried to attack the US embassy near Beirut on Wednesday, the Lebanese army said.

The Lebanese army said in a statement that troops shot dead one of the attackers, whom it described only as a Syrian citizen. The assailant was taken to hospital with injuries.

Local media reported that the exchange of fire with the US diplomatic mission in the suburb of Okr, north of Beirut, lasted for about half an hour.

The US embassy said its staff were not injured in the early morning attack on the embassy entrance and the Lebanese army and embassy security were quickly mobilized.

The Lebanese army said it had deployed troops to the embassy and surrounding areas.

In 1983, a deadly bombing of the US embassy in Beirut killed 63 people. US officials blame the attack on the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

After the attack, the embassy was moved from central Beirut to the Christian suburb of Okr, north of the capital. Another bomb attack took place on 20 September 1984 at a new location.

In September 2023, Lebanese security forces detained a Lebanese man who opened fire on the US embassy. No casualties were reported in this attack.

In October 2023, hundreds of demonstrators clashed with Lebanese security forces during protests near the US embassy in support of the people of Gaza and the militant group Hamas at war with Israel.

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This story was published without editing the text from a wire agency feed.

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