A New York City bridge that connects Manhattan to the Bronx was stuck open Monday afternoon after being overheated by the summer weather. In particular, the Third Avenue Bridge, built in 1898, crosses the Harlem River and serves as a link between the two boroughs. On Monday, temperatures reached 35 degrees Celsius, causing metal machinery to overheat and swell.

According to Fox NewsOn the 126-year-old bridge, around 3 p.m., extreme heat caused the metal to expand and it was stuck open. “[There was a] Report of bridge stuck half open. Naval units as well as land units,” officials said.

Boat crews spent hours spraying water on the bridge to cool the metal so they could reattach it to the road deck. Aerial footage shows FDNY boats spraying water on the open bridge’s span and bottom to cool it.

Watch the video here:

As a result, traffic was backed up on the one-lane structure, leaving many vehicles with no option to get into Manhattan. The bridge was reopened to traffic in both directions at around 6:40 pm Fortunately, there were no casualties as a result of the incident.

This is New York’s second heat wave this summer. As per MetroA heat advisory is currently in effect for Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Northern Queens, Staten Island, and Southern Queens counties until Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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