A video of a man driving with a suspended license while attending a zoom court hearing has gone viral social media. The court asked the Michigan man to turn himself in, but later, his problem with the license turned out to be a “clerical error.” However, in a twist, it is now reported that the 44-year-old man “never had a valid driver’s license.”

A brief timeline:

A man seen driving a car during a Zoom court hearing was released after two days in custody, to be re-arrested (representative photo). (Insplash/Carles Rabada)

On May 15, Corey Harris appeared in a zoom court hearing on charges related to a driving while driving arrest in Pittsfield Township. CTV News. His actions prompted Judge J. Cedric Simpson to revoke his bond and surrender him. Court records later said his driver’s license was reinstated more than two years ago. Subsequently, Corey was released after spending two days in custody.

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According to the outlet, Judge Simpson later clarified that the suspension on his license was never lifted. “Let me make it very clear, based on what the court saw — [Harris] Never had a Michigan license. Never,” Simpson added, “and never had a license in the other 49 states and commonwealths that make up this great union. He never had a license.

What was the reaction on social media?

It didn’t take long for this interesting twist in the case to reach social media. Expectedly, people posted various comments to express their reactions.

“How can you get a suspended driver’s license if you never had a valid driver’s license?” One X user wondered.

“How can he have a ticket from nine years ago for driving on a suspended license when he never had one?” asked another.

A third added, “This is one of the craziest cases I’ve ever heard of.

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse,” wrote a fourth.

“He religiously gets a new ID every year. And so he knows he doesn’t have a license,” Simpson said in court. He would have said this in the beginning and the whole fuss would have been put aside.”

“From that day forward he is working diligently to take the necessary steps to obtain a driver’s license,” Harris’ attorney, Devon Webster-Cox, told the court.

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