After testing it During the last monthThreads is now available announced That it is introducing trending topics to all users in America.

Threads Trending Topics

As you can see in these examples, the threads’ trending topics will be displayed in two places, a ranked list of the most discussed topics in the search section, and featured in the main “For You” feed. With the “Trending Now” module. .

And while it is the same as the process. Conducting a has made some minor design changes, which are worth noting.

Most interestingly, Meta has changed the title of the section. In the Search tab, in an early test, Meta called the list “Today’s Topics”, which seemed to reflect that. Hesitation About providing a pure “trending” list based on user activity. “Today’s topics” do not necessarily suggest that they are the most discussed topics in the app, but may be a list of popular discussions that Meta wants to highlight.

But it has now been renamed to “Trending Now”, which refers to what users are engaging with, while the topic highlight module has also changed from “Today’s Topics” to “Trending Now”. has been changed to

Does that mean it’s actually a better representation of what users are engaging with in the app?

Meta has a mixed history with trending topics. The company also scrapped its similar “Trending” section on Facebook. Back in 2018 After various accusations of his moderate team Manually enhanced and/or suppressed stories inside the display. Meta at last Get rid of his trending news team As a result, and changed the control of the module to an algorithm. But the idea got little attention from the titles after that, eventually prompting Meta to scrap the concept altogether.

This is likely at least partly because Threads has also resisted calls for a live trending list, with the new display only implemented when Meta also introduced an update that Actively Reduces recommendations for political content.To limit exposure of users to situations that have had sufficiently divisive political debates.

Perhaps, now with this restriction, Meta now feels more confident that the trending list can be a more direct reflection of what users are engaging with, as political topics are likely to gain attention. is reduced, which will help Meta avoid accusations of bias or prejudice. to suppress

Which may now mean that it’s a more direct reflection of the topics people are posting about, as opposed to a curated list, although I understand that the Meta has some limitations on what can be displayed. will enforce controls, to limit proliferation. divisive, resentful tendencies.

Because that’s not what threads are about.

Meta has repeatedly noted that it has plans for threads. Make it a more positive experience was (and is now X) in competition with Twitter, which he believes will be the key to his eventual success.

This is why political content is not addressed, because the meta is with the users. Again and again it was brought up as something they didn’t like. At the same time, Threads needs a trending display, so users can engage with real-time trends, which is an element on which X still excels.

As such, it will be interesting to see what topics Meta does or does not highlight within the display, and whether the Threads team actively looks to avoid highlighting certain topics, for fear that more Emotionally charged discussions should be avoided.

This factor alone could break it out as an active addition.

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