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Many investors blame the US and German crypto sell-off for the current bear pressure in the crypto market. However, there are concerns that the looming effects of the Mt Gox refund could dampen the impact of these two sell-offs. The price dump may continue into the new week as recent news suggests that the long-awaited withdrawal from Mt.Gox has begun.

Nevertheless, altcoin prices have recovered dramatically despite bears dominating the crypto market. While BTC is struggling to maintain its value above $56k, many altcoins and meme coins have recorded price increases of over 40%. gave Top trending cryptocurrencies The price action on the Solana chain saw a significant increase, with several new coins doubling in value.

Top Trending Crypto on Solana Chain

However, one way to avoid all market uncertainty is to target valuable projects before they reach the mainstream market. One such project that should be on investors’ watchlist is WienerAI. This post provides a quick overview of its pre-sale and WAI token potential.

1. Purple Pus (Purple)

The original Pepe token on Solana, purple PEPE (PURPE), has seen remarkable growth recently. Created and deployed in July 2023, PURPE is worth $0.00003921, an impressive 83.97% increase in the last 24 hours. Additionally, the token has outperformed the global cryptocurrency market, down 7.40%, and similar meme cryptocurrencies, which have seen a 10.80% drop in the past week.

Additionally, purple PEPE can be traded on several decentralized exchanges, with Raydium being the most popular. Trading pair PURPE/SOL on Raydium reported a trading volume of $4,624,118 in the last 24 hours. Other exchanges where PURPE is actively traded include Raydium (CLMM) and Meteora.

PURPE price chart

The trading volume of the token has increased by 73.30% compared to the day before, indicating a significant increase in market activity. This increase in volume indicates increased interest and activity around PURPE in the market.

Meanwhile, community sentiment towards purple PEPE is currently very strong, giving him a spot. Top trending List of Solana Coins. This optimism, combined with recent price and trading volume increases, indicates a strong potential for continued growth and engagement with the token. Overall, as purple PEPE continues to achieve, it stands out as a notable player in the meme cryptocurrency space on the Solana blockchain.

2. ZynCoin (ZYN)

ZynCoin (ZYN), launched in November 2023 by a team of crypto locals, is gaining popularity in the crypto market. With its ownership relinquished and liquidity capped, ZYN is accessible on both the Ethereum and Solana networks.

Currently, ZynCoin price is $0.03542, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,027,440. This reflects a significant 26.06% price increase in the last 24 hours and an 11.44% increase over the past week. ZynCoin’s circulating supply of 900 million tokens takes its market cap to $32,015,532.

ZYN price chart

Over the past seven days, ZynCoin has outperformed the global cryptocurrency market, with a decline of 7.40%. However, it lags behind similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies by 12.70%.

ZYN can be traded on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. In particular, the most popular exchange for ZynCoin trading is Uniswap V2 (Ethereum), with a trading volume of $709,202 for the ZYN/WETH pair in the last 24 hours. Other notable exchanges include AscendEX (BitMax) and Raydium.

Furthermore, ZynCoin’s 24-hour trading volume has increased by 9.90% since the previous day, indicating increased market activity. Recent price and trading volume increases indicate strong interest and potential for further expansion.

Overall, ZynCoin’s launch and subsequent market performance suggest that it is a promising player in the cryptocurrency space. As it continues to gain popularity, it will be interesting to see how ZYN evolves in the competitive crypto landscape.

3. Felix the Laser Cat (PEOW)

Felix the Lazer Cat ($PEOW) has made headlines in the crypto market with its astonishing increase in market performance. As of today, the token is valued at $0.0002409, a staggering 625.81% increase in just the last 24 hours.

Over the course of the week, $PEOW has gained 520.19%, outperforming the global cryptocurrency market, which experienced a decline of -7.50%, and similar meme cryptocurrencies, which declined by -10.50%. has occurred

PEOW price chart

Primarily traded on decentralized exchanges, Felix the Laser Cat is particularly active on Raydium, where the $PEOW/SOL trading pair has recorded a substantial volume of $95,351.64 in the past 24 hours. This increase in trading volume represents an incredible 84,028.60% increase over the previous day, highlighting a significant increase in market activity.

Investors and the crypto community have expressed bullish sentiment amid the impressive performance of Felix the Laser Cat ($PEOW) and an increase in trading activity. The token’s rapid ascent highlights its growing interest and confidence among traders, positioning $PEOW as a notable player in the changing cryptocurrency landscape.

As Felix the Lazer cat continues to attract attention and demonstrate strong market dynamics, analysts are closely monitoring its momentum to gauge its potential impact and future growth in the crypto market. are

What could be the next top trending crypto?

Dodge is one of the most popular mascots in meme culture. However, when a meme is combined with utility, we get something different. Weiner AI Out to dominate the world with his Sausage Dodge mascot.

Its aim is to provide traders and investors with the latest trading bot and at the same time grow a community of enthusiasts around the project. It has earned a reputation as one of the top trending pre-sale projects to watch.

The WAI token pre-sale offering has recorded remarkable success over the past few weeks. With more than $7 million of investors behind the project, achieving success becomes relatively easy. Additionally, the WienerAI project now boasts a community of thousands of followers on Twitter and a significant number of engaged users on other social media platforms.

Investors still have the opportunity to buy the WAI token before its listing and lunch dates. And more importantly, the opportunity to avail the ongoing pre-sale discount will last for 24 hours only. While further discounts will be provided to pre-sale buyers later, the price is likely to be slightly higher than the current price.

Thus, early investors will benefit the most from pre-sales. Pre-sale investors can also participate in pre-sale staking of the project, which promises 160% APY. This gives participants an increased return on investment.

Weiner AI There are several other interesting features and benefits, especially for early investors. The project’s official website and social media are full of all the details and other useful information.

Visit the WienerAI Presale.

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