Many frogs meme coins During the past week, PEIPEI gained particular attention by increasing more than 100%. How long can PEIPEI continue this explosive rally?

The meme coin market seems to be recovering, just like the green frog meme coin. However, PEIPEI, inspired by a red frog meme, stands out by showing a significant increase in market value.

The project is attracting attention for several interesting reasons and seems to be worth a closer look.

A brief background on PeiPei (PEIPEI).

PeiPei is a red, “devil” version of Mat Furie’s famous Pepe the Frog. The PEIPEI token combines the beloved Pepe meme with the charm of PEPE cultural elements, creating a fresh and appealing combination that respects tradition while embracing future trends.

Joining the PeiPei project means being part of a movement that rewrites the rules of engagement in the crypto space. PEIPEI Token is not just a digital asset. This is an experience that allows you to be a part of this transformational movement.

Detailed purchase instructions are available on their website, which you can visit anytime. PeiPei is also available for trading on major exchanges such as, MEXC, BitMart, LBank, Poloniex, and Uniswap, with more listings expected as the project expands.

PeiPei’s Tokenomics includes a supply of 420.69 trillion tokens and 0% tax on buy and sell transactions. This no-tax approach is common in the current bull run, unlike previous bull runs, which involved high taxes and tricks that often didn’t work unless someone started too early.

The Peipei Roadmap outlines a comprehensive plan for growth and development in three phases. In Phase 1, the project will focus on initial launch, securing listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, reaching 690 holders, and promoting the $PEIPEI COIN ARMY.

Phase 2 will include building partnerships, engaging in guerrilla marketing to increase visibility, providing exclusive content and community hangouts for holders, aiming to exceed 2,500 holders, and obtaining CEX listings.

Phase 3 will focus on utility partnerships, multi-chain bridging, acquiring custom Tesla from Elon Musk, securing a Tier 1 exchange listing, reaching 10,000 holders, and ultimately surpassing the value of the USD.

Additionally, the project has secured a partnership with professional UFC fighter Gilbert Burns Dorinho and is trending on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This visibility helps increase interest and engagement with the project.

PEIPEI Price Analysis

PeiPei is currently down 8% for the day, which could provide a good opportunity for investors to initiate positions. Despite this daily decline, the weekly chart shows a phenomenal rise of nearly 200%. Trading at $0.0000001871, PeiPei shows that “copycat” meme coins are in high demand.

Spot volumes of the token have reached $142 million, surpassing Book of Meme, indicating a substantial flow of money into this new coin. Examining monthly data, PeiPei saw an increase of about 160% as of June 5.

PEIPEI price graphPEIPEI price graph

However, from June 11 to the end of June, the project saw a significant decline but is now showing signs of recovery. Considering Friday’s low, PeiPei rallied an impressive 390%, hitting a new all-time high on July 1 before taking a pause.

It has been ranked third on CoinMarketCap’s trending crypto list. For a coin that received little attention a week ago, this is no small feat. With a market cap of $90 million, PeiPei has significant room for growth.

Although it is a derivative of the original Pepe project, PeiPei can potentially fetch 2-3x growth from its current value. With the project down 8%, now may be a strategic time to invest and begin dollar cost averaging, although this approach is different in the volatile crypto world.

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