New Delhi: UK Police He was arrested and charged on Wednesday. Majid Freeman In relation to the case related to its “significant role” in fueling, “encouraging terrorism and supporting a banned organisation”. Wrong information And increasing tensions during 2022 Leicester unrest..
“Majid Nosarka, also known as Majid Freeman, 36, of Cecil Road, Leicester, has been charged with inciting terrorism and supporting a proscribed organisation,” Leicestershire Police said.
He has been released on bail and is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on July 24.

Who is Majid Freeman?

Freeman, a self-styled community activist, was instrumental in fueling misinformation and fueling tensions. 2022 Leicester unrest.
The 36-year-old, who has been described as a “radical Islamist”, repeatedly spreads dangerous lies and unverified claims about Leicester violence.

  • He falsely claimed that a Muslim boy was attacked by 30+ Hindus, although the police say they have no evidence of such an incident.
  • He alleged that Hindu men had tried to abduct a Muslim girl, which was later investigated by the police, but said the incident did not actually happen as claimed.

Freeman’s posts on social media “continued to spread misinformation and brand Leicester Hindus as ‘RSS Hindutva thugs'”.
His false claims were then amplified and used by journalists to portray events in a biased manner against Hindus.
Freeman was being investigated as a key instigator who spread damaging misinformation and false narratives that fueled tensions and contributed to unrest in Leicester.

What happened in the 2022 Leicester riots?

The 2022 Leicester riots were a series of clashes between Hindu and Muslim communities in the city of Leicester, England. The unrest began in August–September 2022 after a march of about 300 men, some with their faces covered, chanting false slogans related to Hindu nationalism.
This led to counter-protests by Muslim men, leading to increased tensions and violence between the two groups in different parts of the city.
The unrest was preceded by social media campaigns, misinformation and hate propaganda.
Later independent investigations found that Hindu places of worship were desecrated, and Hindu men were particularly targeted by mobs.

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