Britain’s opposition Labor Party could be on course for its biggest election win in history, pollsters YouGov said on Monday, predicting a landslide majority of 194 seats.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Singh (L) and UK main opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer (R) (AFP)

Poll, which looked at voting projections. United Kingdom Constituents predict Labor could win 422 of the 650 seats in the July 4 election.

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Conservatives under Prime Minister Rishi Sink It was predicted to win 140 seats by a YouGov poll, carried out for Sky News Television.

Labour’s victory would be bigger than its former leader Tony Blair’s majority in 1997 and would see Keir Starmer’s party now on 222 seats after its bitter defeat at the last vote in 2019.

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However, the Tories were predicted to lose 232 seats nationwide.

“This result would be outside the landslide area,” YouGov said.

This latest poll will likely make grim reading for the cynics as it suggests a big lead for Labor after nearly two weeks of intense campaigning failed to make the cut in the polls.

The smaller opposition Liberal Democrat Party was expected to quadruple its seats to 48.

The results came moments after Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage announced he was taking over as head of the anti-immigration UK party and standing as a candidate in the election.

Polls predict that Reform will win no seats.

The projections also show the seats of some of the biggest names in the Tory government are at risk, including those of Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt and Defense Secretary Grant Shepps.

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