MUMBAI: While fashion is an acquired aspect, style has more to do with inherent personal traits and reflects class. While style icons in Bollywood continue to wow their fans with trendy outfits, some go a step further to ensure they leave their individual stamp on their fashion statement.

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput Kapoor belongs in the same league and says that for her fashion is a reflection of personal style and individuality and she gravitates towards styles that understate sophistication. .

“Fashion, to me, is a reflection of personal style and individuality. It’s about expressing yourself through clothing and accessories in a way that feels authentic and comfortable,” she says.

Meera, who is the brand ambassador for jewelery label Perfectly Average, says, “I gravitate towards styles that exude understated sophistication – pieces that are classic yet modern, and seamlessly transition from day to night. can move up to.” For her, fashion is about curating a wardrobe that makes her feel confident.

“I think I’ve learned a lot over the years. It’s definitely always a learning curve. For me, fashion isn’t just about following trends, it’s about developing a wardrobe that’s It defines who I am and makes me feel confident!” said Meera, who married Shahid in 2015, “Every time you show up, your style game is on point.

How will she strike a balance between being glamorous but downright average?
“Whenever I step out, I like to mix glamor with staying true to myself and feeling confident in what I’m wearing. It’s about choosing jewelry pieces that compliment my personality and without Enhances my style somewhat,” said the mother of two.

“Whether it’s adding a touch of sparkle with accessories or choosing a standout piece, I always aim for that balance.”
“And you know what? Embracing my flaws is a big part of this journey — that’s what makes me unique… So, embracing my flaws makes me feel like myself,” she added.

Talking about being the brand ambassador of the label, which was founded in 2021 by Turushi Chhabra, Palak Chhabra, and Vidhi Jhalani, Meera said that they create jewelery that combines simplicity with elegance.

“Their pieces aren’t just accessories; they’re statements of understated beauty that effortlessly complement everyday wear. I admire how they celebrate beauty in simplicity, which is my personal style. According to philosophy.

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