Although the Trump campaign followed up on the insults. Hunter BidenAfter a guilty verdict on three counts of lying about his drug addiction to buy illegal guns, other Republican leaders on Tuesday expressed approval of the line of action.

Vivek Ramaswamy and Marjorie Taylor Green decried Hunter Biden’s trial as a “distraction” from other alleged crimes by the Biden family.

The Trump campaign called the trial a “distraction from the true crimes of the Biden crime family.” However, other officials of the Democratic Party’s primary political rival called Tuesday’s decision “a step toward accountability.” “

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The first son’s trial will take place after Trump’s May 30. Criminal judgment. As the first former US president to be convicted of a felony and the presumptive Republican nominee for this year’s election, Trump faces all 34 charges of falsifying business documents to cover up the former adult film star’s sex scandal. Convicted of serious crimes. Stormy Daniels. While Republican allies have previously criticized Trump’s conviction as a “rigged” politically motivated stunt, with the former president himself calling it a “scam,” they have surrounded Hunter Biden. has produced a starkly contrasting batch of reactions to the issue.

Republican leaders react to Hunter Biden’s conviction

Concurring with the Trump campaign’s message, former US presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy called Hunter Biden’s trial a “sinister” to “justify Trump’s conviction”. Urging people not to focus on the criminal verdict, he tweeted: “Hunter Biden’s trial is a smokescreen to justify Trump’s conviction and distract from the real potential crimes of the Biden family. In Foreign policy to enrich K’s family.

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Along with his online statement, he also shared a video message, explaining why Hunter Biden’s trial took place so soon after Trump’s conviction. “It also avoids accountability for the Biden crime family on the real things that Hunter Biden should have been charged with,” Ramaswamy added.

He continued, “For example, increasing foreign influence while his real father, Joe Biden, was vice president of the United States. Hunter has a record of serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.” There was no business, which is a state-owned energy company linked to the same country, whose father, now as US president, is sending hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money. That’s where the real crime is There are.”

Ramaswamy concluded, “Therefore, it precludes accountability for the original investigations that are even closer to implicating Joe Biden.”

So does Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, representing Georgia’s 14th district, also called attention to “how the biggest crimes of the Biden crime family go unscathed.” Calling him a “sacrificial lamb of the Deep State,” MTG tweeted, “Millions of dollars from foreign influence flowed into Joe Biden’s bank account.

Hunter Biden just became the Deep State’s sacrificial lamb to show that justice is “balanced” while Biden’s other crimes are ignored.”

“Today’s decision is a step toward accountability,” said House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer.

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Comer is leading the impeachment inquiry into alleged corrupt ties to Joe Biden. In addition to commenting on Hunter Biden’s sentencing, he urged the Justice Department to “investigate everyone involved in the Bidens’ corrupt influence peddling schemes that resulted in more than $18 million in foreign payments to the Biden family.” In the same message, he accused department officials of continuing to “cover for Big Guy, Joe Biden” until the aforementioned provision was met.

Congressman Tom Tiffany, who serves in Wisconsin’s 7th district, tweeted: “This is the start of holding the Biden crime family accountable‚Ķ Now, let’s do Joe Biden.”

Sen. Josh Hawley was among several other politicians who pointed out that Biden’s Justice Department initially negotiated a plea deal in 2023. Charges

“Never forget the DOJ tried to avoid this trial and judgment by giving Hunter a sweetheart plea deal. Until the judge exposes them,” Holly wrote on X/Twitter.

Conservative legal commentator Mike Davis credited the Delaware jury with “putting the facts and the law above politics.” He tweeted that there was overwhelming evidence of Hunter Biden’s guilt on the gun charges. “Overwhelming evidence of Joe Biden’s foreign corruption, which greatly compromises our national security,” Davis added, “Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was hand-checked by both Democratic senators , brought these gun charges only after he was caught trying to protect the Biden family, with a backdoor pardon, through a sweetheart deal.”

Adding, “If Hunter Biden was a black man, he would be sent to prison,” Davis told people not to hold their breath about the president’s claims of not pardoning his son. He urged Biden. that they would “do it the day after the election.”

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