New Delhi: After a stellar performance against Republican nominee and former President Donald Trump in the presidential debate, a small group Democratic governors Extending their support for Wednesday President Joe Biden Following a White House meeting.
“The feedback was, we’re all looking for a way to win. All the governors agree with that, President Biden agreed with that,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walls told New York Gov. Cathy Hoechl and Maryland Gov. Speaking with Gov. Wes Moore, The Hill reported.
“The road to victory in November is the first priority and that is the first priority of the president,” he continued.
Despite admitting that the presidential debate was a ‘poor performance,’ Walls insisted that Biden is fit for office, according to a report by The Hill.
President Biden’s Re-election campaign announced that after meeting with more than 20 governors, in person and virtually, all participants “reaffirmed their shared commitment” to support a Biden victory in 2024. The campaign claimed the purpose of the meeting was to “discuss their continued partnership” and seek “advice and expertise” from the governors on how to defeat former President Trump in the upcoming election.
The campaign also emphasized the importance of electing Democrats at all levels of government, including governors, Congress and statehouses across the country. Governor Moore, considered a rising star in Democratic party And Biden’s potential replacement described the meeting as “honest” and “candid,” noting that the governors openly shared their concerns and the concerns they heard from others.
“We said we’re going to stand by him. The president has always had our back, we’re going to have his back,” Moore said. Governor Hoechl added that the governors “pledged our support” to Biden during the meeting. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who attended the meeting in person, echoed the sentiments of her colleagues at X, saying, “Joe Biden is our nominee. He’s in it to win and I support him. I support.”
The governors’ meeting was part of an effort by the White House and Biden to address the consequences of his poor performance. Despite calls from Democratic operatives, former aides, and two current House Democratic lawmakers for Biden to drop out of the race, the president and his team have maintained that he will continue his campaign.
Biden also spoke with Democratic congressional leadership, including Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, as part of efforts to contain campaign losses. However, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) expressed skepticism about the current strategy, saying that he “has to seriously consider the best strategy for Democrats to win this election.” taking time” and noting that “when your current strategy isn’t working, it’s rarely the right decision to double down.”
Meanwhile, the White House also asserted that Biden is considering dropping out of the race altogether.
“Is President Biden Considering Dropping Out of the Race?” reporters asked White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre during her daily news conference.
“Absolutely not. And you heard, I believe directly from the campaign,” she said amid similar questions from White House reporters.
“Given the grounds for concern from fellow Democrats, donors, supporters, don’t they owe it to the American people to consider whether they should resign?” He was asked again.
“He did it a couple of times at this point and talked about what happened that night, talked about how he understood, and it wasn’t his best night,” Jean-Pierre said.
“He thinks it’s fair for people to ask that question, but we can’t forget his record and what he’s been able to do. We can’t forget how he’s delivered for the American people for nearly four years. has been successful.” .

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