Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely expected. Winning the third term In power on Tuesday, leading the country with the world’s largest population and fastest growing economy.

The 73-year-old Hindu nationalist leader, who is pushing for a Permanent seat At the UN Security Council, the US and European allies have retaliated against China.

India, the world’s fifth-largest and fastest-growing major economy, is a favorite of Western leaders – despite warnings from rights activists about growing authoritarianism.

Modi used India’s holdings. G20 Presidency It hopes to burnish its image abroad in 2023, and to host the Cricket World Cup last year. Speech for the 2036 Summer Olympics.

Here’s how Modi’s third term could build on a decade of his diplomatic ambitions.

Pakistan Since accusing Islamabad of cross-border terrorism.

Since the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, the two countries have fought three wars and numerous minor skirmishes. Occupied Jammu and Kashmir has been the center of tension.

In 2015, Modi A surprise visit came to Lahore but the relationship fell apart in 2019.

But in March, Modi congratulated his Pakistani counterpart Shehbaz Sharif on his return to the prime ministership.

It was a rare display of goodwill between the leaders of the two nuclear-armed rivals, and raised hopes that relations could improve.

Hosted by Modi. attended a state dinner last year and called the relationship with India “the defining partnership of the 21st century”.

Washington in February Approved The $4 billion sale of state-of-the-art drones to India is the latest boost to India’s defense against neighboring China.

Ties have deepened despite rights groups sounding the alarm about threats to India’s democracy. Privilege To the Muslim minority of over 200 million.

However, this relationship has not been entirely smooth.

The US Department of Justice last year indicted an Indian national for alleged conspiracy. Attempted murder Approved by India’s intelligence agency in New York.

India also has strong relations with European countries.

With France, it hopes to expand multibillion-dollar deals, including the sale of Rafale fighter jets and Scorpion-class submarines.

The clash Along their 3,500 km border.

The tens of thousands of armies of the nuclear-armed Asian giants are staring at each other. Territorial claims remain a constant source of tension.

Modi’s right-wing government has invested billions of dollars in border infrastructure. Increased military spending Up to 13 percent last year — but that’s still barely a quarter of China’s.

Despite their rivalry, China is India’s second largest trading partner.

Russian crude oil supply.

Modi in March Congratulations President Vladimir Putin, upon his re-election, added that he looked forward to developing their “special” relationship.

Called New Delhi “A strong and important voice of the Global South”.

It was under Modi’s watch that the African Union joined the G20 bloc, with India arguing that developing countries needed to be given more weight in global decision-making.

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