According to LeBlanc, one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are trending now, especially for blush. Pictured here is 2024-2025 bride Avery Richardson Derringer of Register Weddings and her bridesmaids. Photo by Catherine Guidry Photography.

With us 2024-2025 Register Marriages Issue Making our big debut this week, we couldn’t stop thinking about every aspect of the wedding. From white dresses and honeymoon dresses to invitations and floral arrangements, we’ve only been thinking about weddings, weddings and more weddings.

After looking at some trends in bridal wear from our local brides’ big days, we’re getting the scoop from Meghan LeBlanc, co-owner of Bella Bride’s Maidswhat can we expect for the upcoming season. Keep reading to get all the trends from LeBlanc.

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Photo by Caitlin B Photography.

Meghan says she’s seen a lot of one-shoulder dresses with bow details, eg Desi gown Pictured above, especially in colored blush.

Photo by Lynn Pernell.

Another color that is definitely trending is green. “I have seen many vegetables like this. Jenny U Gowns-In the style of “Marla” and “Sylvie” – in the color eucalyptus, says LeBlanc.

Photo by Paul Morris.

Less is definitely more when it comes to what she expects to see in the future. “I think we’ll see more classic and less gowns like this. Amsale Jaylin Dress In ivory,” says LeBlanc.

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Photo by Lennon James Photography.

“Our current favorite bridesmaid dresses are the ones with textures and prints,” explains LeBlanc. “We love these different styles. This is Kate. In the pattern ‘Garden Flora Jacquard Mist.’

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