In the crypto market, certain projects are catching the eye of investors and enthusiasts alike, according to the latest data from top crypto analytics platforms.

The data indicated a recent surge in interest around certain crypto projects, highlighted by their trending status among major aggregators.

Pulse of Crypto Excitement

On July 2, Top7ICOA prominent crypto trends monitoring platform has released its latest findings on the most searched cryptocurrencies across several major aggregators.

CoinGecko listed $TOSHI, $MAGA, $ZRO, $OM, $ZK, $NOT, and $TON as the top projects attracting attention. Similarly, CoinMarketCap’s top searches include $STRUMP, $BTC, $ZRO, $NOT, $DOGE, $SOL, and $PEPE. CryptoRank added $BLAST, $STRK, $WLD, $XAI, and $IO to the mix, highlighting various projects from different sectors within the blockchain space.

Interest in these projects has been linked to a significant recovery in the broader crypto market. Over the past few days, the global crypto market cap has seen a modest increase of 0.6%. Bitcoin Lead the charge.

The premier cryptocurrency recently crossed the $63,000 mark, giving the market an overall boost, though it has experienced a minor pullback to $62,778. This market behavior often affects search volume and general interest in various crypto projects, as investors look for opportunities amid fluctuations.

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