A Myanmar shopkeeper has been jailed for raising the wages of his employees amid the country’s soaring inflation. According to a New York Times report, soldiers from the country’s military government arrested Pyae Phyo Zaw and closed three of his cell phone shops for allegedly paying his workers.

Myanmar is currently ruled by a military junta (representative photo).

Pyae Phyo Zaw is not alone in this predicament. At least 10 other vendors have been put behind bars. Myanmar For similar offences. All face up to three years in prison under a vaguely worded law used to silence signs of dissent.

Why are employers being jailed for paying wages in Myanmar?

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According to a legal expert, raising wages in the country is not illegal. However, the current government is accusing business owners of “undermining the government by making people believe that inflation is rising,” a legal expert said. The New York Times.

gave Military junta He believes that increasing wages during inflation is tantamount to inciting unrest.

In fact, a notice outside one of Pyae Phyo Zaw’s shops said it had been closed for disturbing “community peace and order”.

“We were very grateful for the salary increase, but now the shop is closed and I don’t get paid,” said a Zao employee on condition of anonymity. “Ordinary people like us are suffering from inflation, almost to the point of desperation.”

In 2021, democratically elected members of Myanmar’s ruling party were ousted by the country’s military. Tumado, and power rests with his military junta. Since then, the country has been at war. Economic crisisIt was further exacerbated by popular uprisings against the government.

“After 2021, Myanmar’s economy has moved beyond crisis, through chaos, and has now reached a point where it is almost certain to collapse as a functioning, developing entity. ” Australian economist Sean Turnall told the publication.

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