A clothing brand in Dubai placed a model with mannequins in front of its store, confusing shoppers at a mall and sparking mixed reactions on the internet. A video, which was first shared by the model herself, shows her posing with leaves at the store of clothing brand Minto Bride at the Dubai Festival City Mall.

A model stood next to mannequins at a storefront in a Dubai mall. (Instagram/_angelina.a__)

gave ModelAngelina, standing on a platform in front of the store, was wearing one of her dresses and stiletto heels. She kept changing poses, attracting the attention of shoppers passing by the store.

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He titled the video, “POV: Marketing In Dubai

Take a look at the video here:

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The video was first posted on both Angelina’s Instagram and TikTok accounts and has been reposted by several other Instagram pages.

Popular Dubai-based account “@lovindubai”, a page that posts bite-sized stories and other community information, shared the video with the caption, “Legends say they pose amazingly to date.” have been.”

However, many people did not find the marketing strategy to be a very smart idea. Instagram user Shruti Chadha commented, “This is inhumane. I’m sure her feet are hurting like crazy and what do we need when we have regular dummies?”

Public figure Ghazi Al-Yaman said, “Next level marketing. Good.”

Another user, Vlada Balhakova, had something to say along the same lines, “Someone has a lot of money for marketing,” the user said.

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“Everybody who says that is slavish, inhuman, uncomfortable. Like everyone else, we all have our pains at work, we all have some kind of pain, whether it’s feet, back, hands. Whatever. He’s getting the same salary as us. Think about the security guards at the malls. We’re all struggling and that’s what makes us strong,” one And the user said.

While the video posted on Angelina’s account has received over 6,000 views and over 100 likes, Lovein Dubai’s account has over 4.89 lakh views and over 300 comments.

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